The basis and the essence of ABYSSA's vision

ABYSSA was set up as the result of an R&D project led by our team of Associate Directors, drawing on scientific collaboration and cooperation with a world-renowned academic institute. R&D is the keystone at the centre of our vision for ABYSSA’s development.

The excitement of breaking new ground in the bid to overcome the challenges entailed in deep ocean floor exploration is what motivates us. This all depends on the ability to look ahead, share ideas and propose original exploration protocols tailored to requirements, thinking how to integrate new sensors, and being involved in deploying new data acquisition procedures. This is all part and parcel of the approach to R&D promoted by ABYSSA, ensuring that scientific and academic advances are geared to the needs of industry.

R&D also depends on partnerships.

Sharing knowledge and working as a team, bringing people from different backgrounds on board to work together are the foundations on which we are building ABYSSA. Partnerships enable us to explore hitherto largely unknown regions of the Earth, in the hope that, tomorrow, we will find answers to some of our questions.

Following in the footsteps of Jules Verne and his Nautilus, trying to imagine what deep-sea exploration will look like in the future allows us shape what ABYSSA will become in the years ahead!