Operating the AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)

ABYSSA specialises in deep ocean exploration to depths of 6000 m, responding to diverse customer requirements.

ABYSSA is able to mobilise surface vessels and ad hoc equipment to meet the objectives set, anywhere in the world’s oceans, working with teams who have extensive experience gained working on oceanography campaigns.

ABYSSA’s state-of-the-art AUVs are designed for gathering location and mapping data tailored to your project needs and objectives. In the future, our data acquisition capabilities will be significantly enhanced thanks to the fleet of AUVs we are developing.

The choice of excellence

Choosing ABYSSA for your oceanographic exploration campaigns means choosing a team recognised for their expertise and experience in:
  • Advising decision-makers in setting out their objectives and assessing the feasibility of their projects
  • Using AUVs and equipment anywhere in the world, from our bases in Europe and the South Pacific
  • Working at depths as low as 6000 m below the surface
  • Deploying AUVs equipped with high-resolution sensors tailored to meet objectives
  • Working in close cooperation with other specialised teams on projects with different objectives.

ABYSSA teams and tools

Whether your needs are dictated by your academic research, an industrial project or the need to inventory your natural marine heritage and resources, the ABYSSA team is at your side.