Tools adapted to your needs

On-board measuring equipment, height of the AUVs above the bottom… ABYSSA tools adapt to your needs!

Depending on the needs and the desired deliverables, ABYSSA equips its AUVs with various non-intrusive, acoustic, optical or physico-chemical sensors.

Similarly, depending on the desired level of precision, ABYSSA offers a multi-scale exploratory protocol by carrying out different passes at different navigation altitudes. It is thus possible to meet regional detection and/or local characterisation objectives.

One of ABYSSA’s main assets is the use of the So-Magical fleet, designed for the detection of Seaflor Massive Sulphide. Composed of several interconnected AUVs sailing simultaneously, the So-Magical fleet allows for a much more efficient detection of Seaflor Massive Sulphide than any other solution currently on the market.

At ABYSSA, R&D (Research and Development) is a constant commitment, a constant preoccupation for the Associate Directors. In addition to the So-Magical fleet, other projects are under development.


Resources and deliverables

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Multi-scale approach

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The So Magical fleet