ABYSSA, three sites to cover the world's oceans

Our head office is located in the Olatu Leku business innovation centrer in Anglet, in the Basque Country, France, a stone’s throw from the Port of Bayonne.
Our subsidiary, ABYSSA NC, is in Nouméa, New Caledonia, in the southwest Pacific Ocean and its subsidiary ABYSSA Polynesia is based in Papeete, French Polynesia.

ABYSSA | Head Office

OLATU Business Innovation Center
100 avenue de l’Adour
64600 Anglet France

ABYSSA NC | New Caledonia

25 rue Felix Trubert
98800 Nouméa New Caledonia
ABYSSA Polynésie Française

ABYSSA | Polynesia

Immeuble Rouleau – 2ème étage
Quartier du commerce
Papeete – 98703 Punaauia